'Colorwheel' is a point and click, miniature Monster Dex experience where color theory is the key to  creating new life forms! Enjoy learning everything you can about the organisms you brought to life by documenting them in your Log Book.

3 months


Point and Click with mouse.
Left-click to navigate UI, select monsters, and progress test.
[Windows Build]- To exit, press the Home key, select the game icon, right-click, and close game.

Menu Theme- Sussuram Meu Nome ( Instrumental) by Cairo Braga
Log Book Theme- Investigation by  Chad Crouch
Laboratory Theme- Amok by Chicachio


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Hey this game is amazing! Although I saw in one of your comments that you may not be making any new major updates. It would be nice to consider a few ideas to add if you think about coming back!

1. A customization upgrade, put clothing and hats on your subjects!

2. A battle mode where it is similar to Pokemon in a way!

3. Comics or Stories of the interactions of the anomalies (or addendum if you like.)

4. Interaction and testing with other anomalies

5. Working with different genomes (since this is with colors, why not add elements?)

I can see this game teeming with potential if you want to do anything more with this game. You don't have to, but it would be interesting additions to the game!

I hope your well in these times!


Quite fun to discover all the designs ! Kinda wish there was a bit more to it somehow


While I'm quite tucked out on any serious additional development of this game, I MIGHT come back to it to make 3d model versions of all the monsters that were are a little more engaging. 

Honestly though it's really nice to see everyone loving the monster designs. Thank you for taking the time to check out my game!


So cute, I love the designs!